Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All Hail The Next Big Thing

Several years ago (like 25?) I knit myself a lovely blanket.  It has lacy bits and cabled bits and Stephen pronounced it good and warm.  After all these years it is still my blanket and it works well. 

This year we had a couple of nights where one blanket was just not enough.  Steve offered to share a part of his big-blankie --- you know that huge one I knit for him last year.  And, I know he means well.  He does share at 10 PM, but somewhere around 2 AM he's done sharing.

Next thing you know vital bits are now hanging out and someone that shall remain nameless (but may be Steve) has rolled over taking ALL the big-blankie with him and he has the extra yardage all safely stowed beneath him, which is where it will stay.

It was time to make myself a big-blankie of my very own.  It's time to knit the next big thing.
If you want to see what it will look like, go

Monday, February 23, 2015

What's In Your.......


Did you get some bills today?  Maybe you got some sale flyers.  Did you get some junk mail? Were you lucky enough to get some magazines or maybe you even received your tax refund.

I got some bills.  I found two magazines in there as well.  That always makes me happy.  I love magazines.

In addition to the flat mail,
I found a large, puffy manila mailer.

Look what was in my mailbox!
Check it out!  FLAMINGO socks
and my favorite sock yarn ---  ZAUBERBALL!

Ellen sent me socks and socks-to-be!  How nice was that?  She saw flamingos on the toes and knew I should have some. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
I love them!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What A Week It Was

I'm guessing that Monday mornings are not a favorite of most people.  But this past Monday morning really stunk for me.

Steve was supposed to leave very early on a business trip to Baltimore.  Some time around 5 I rolled over in bed to see if he had left and my world kept rolling.  I didn't know that earth could flip around like that.  Crazily, I though maybe it was an earthquake.  LOL

I got up and did what we do first thing in the morning and then headed back to bed.  And then, it happened again and once more with a headache like none other.  I decided 911 was my best bet.  Luckily Steve had not boarded the plane and I could reach him by text.

You know what I learned?  As much as I think firetrucks and ambulances are really cool .... they don't afford a very comfortable ride. Maybe up front and driving is a better ride.  I'm guessing it's a whole different story up there.

While I already had a reason for my nausea, I was amazed all the EMTs weren't carsick as well. Riding along is a bumpy, jarring ride AND you are riding backwards -----------not the best view for someone already viewing the world in a swirly-whirly way.

After many hours at the local ER, it was decided I experienced benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.  Such a big word for --- yikes! I'm crazy dizzy.  It's probably a remnant of the head cold I had a few weeks ago.

The bottom line is that
while the ER trip wasn't fun,
the down time wasn't wasted.

I knit socks.
I was able to finish up the beautiful Catherine out of a lovely springy Zauberball in the colorway, Floral Language.

I "finished" finished three more Christmas ornaments.  There is another little beaded lamb, a NASCAR themed Oviedo chicken, and a rather mod looking Christmas tree.  That makes six ornaments ready for Christmas 2015.  I've stitched seven ornaments in total, but one has already found it's way to his forever home.

And, last, but not least . . .
...some dishcloths.

While I really hope I NEVER have a repeat of Monday morning, at least I put my couple of days* of downtime to good use.

P.S.  I am FINE now.  I really only had two days of yuck and yes --- I do realize I am way luckier than some who have symptoms for days, weeks, or months.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Foto

I think I need a grill like this for my Subie!

The irony of this photo is that it was taken at the New Smyrna Beach/Canal Street car show.  New Smyrna Beach is also known as The Shark Bite Capital of the World.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One More Before I Quit

I thought I was done "stashing", but then I found one more project I really wanted to start.  Of course, it required me to buy more yarn.  I want to make this blanket and I had NO worsted in my stash.

Now the goal is to 
"slash the stash".

Who's with me?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Tipping Point

Last week Shelby the cat was here for a visit.  Shelby LOVES this sofa, but I would prefer she not get up on it.  Unfortunately, it's nubby fabric just says "claw me" to her.  It is irresistible to her.

In an effort to keep her off that sofa, I stacked up the bins that hold my cross-stitch and knitting supplies.
Holy WOW, there is a lot of fiber in that rooom.  

On the sofa: (left to right)  Cotton dishcloth yarn, solid sock yarns, other weights of yarn and some sock yarn, my sewing basket w/ribbon supply.

On the floor:  The giant tub hold 250+ pairs of socks-to-be.  The pink box is sock yarn not suitable for socks (say...yarn without nylon).  The light blue bin is all my cross stitch fabric and premades (towels and bookmarks)

My floss, overdyes and beads are in a box in another room.  AND then there is this:                                                 
All of the items in this photo were purchased last week.  Yes, I had a fun time at the shops.  ;-)

In the spirit of full disclosure ...there is ONE more skein, gifted to me on Tuesday, that did not make it into the photo AND the two skeins I'm currently knitting.

YOWZA!  So much!

I did gift away two skeins this week, but still.......
a LOT of fiber is in this place.

It's time to slash the stash!

P.S.  When Shelby was here, there were lids on all the bins.  She used them as a staircase to get to the top of the sofa.  Outsmarted by the cat! Which only proves that when a cat wants to get somewhere, they WILL!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015


Did you hear that?
That was the sound of me skidding into my chair.

Yes, it's been kind of crazy busy around here.
But, it's the GOOD kind of busy.

However, it means I haven't been around to blogs as quickly as I would like.

So, today it is ... chore, one blog read, one chore......and so on.

By the way, do you KNOW how hard it is to clean a pleated glass globe?
Wanna come over and give it a try?  (said in my best Tom Sawyer voice)

On the happier side of things,
look who is here.
Yep ......our favorite travelling kitty is here.
Nap or knit?
It's ALL good!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What The Wednesday

What I'm knitting this Wednesday:

Still working on the Catherine Socks (Rav. link).  This pair is going to take awhile.  I'm enjoying the pattern so I'm not in a rush knitting them up AND the knits/purls do slow me down some.  I don't mind at all.

Several have asked about the yarn.  It's Zauberball #2079 Floral Language.  If you ever have questions about the yarn I'm currently using, you can always check out my Ravelry project page.  Current projects are always there.

What I'm cross stitching this Wednesday:

Nothing.  LOL  Santa is finished, but I still have to "finish" finish him with his backing and his hanger.  You'll be happy to know, on this very chilly Wednesday, Santa is fully dressed.

What I'm reading this Wednesday:
That's MY Wednesday.
How is your day goin'?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Channeling My Inner Girly-Girl

No one in their right mind would ever suggest I was....
a girly-girl.

I wear mostly dark colors.
Navy blue, black, grey, burgundy . . . they are my friends.

Snake in the pool . . . or on your porch.
Call me . . . I'll relocate it for you.

Hunt down and haul some free firewood.
I'm your girl.

My hair is short.
My makeup nonexistent.
(I do, however, like a touch of cologne - Inis is my go-to scent.)

So, it might come as a surprise to some that I am knitting these.
Could socks GET more girly?

And you know what?

I LOVE them.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Color Me - AMAZED

Look at what they guy down the street was throwing out.
Piled up at the curb just like so much rubbish.
This is prime stuff I tell you.
OAK baby!
Prime hard firewood,
cut in perfect little fireplace size chunks.

Now it won't be good for THIS year,
It's still green.
But, next year -----bring on Snowmageddon!
We are READY!

Stitching time was a bit limited the last week.
Don't you just hate when real life gets in the way of fun?
In spite of that, I've made a pretty good start on ornament #4.
Santa just needs to finished getting dressed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fair and Balanced

In an effort to be fair and balanced....
I like the pups too.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Trio

I'll admit it.  I wasn't very organized last Christmas.  I made no new ornaments for our tree. I didn't make any ornaments for anyone else's tree either. The one decoration I was working on didn't get finished in time. I guess I just wasn't feeling the stitch-y love. I spent a lot more time knitting.

This year will be different.
There WILL be ornaments.
I am a huge fan of perforated paper.

Taken from the top:

1.  "This Little Lamb" ----- the pattern was part of a nativity group in one of those now-defunct cross stitch magazines.  The Jesus and Mary are very tall I probably would never stitch them.  But, the lambs ---oh the lambs.  They are just so cute and with a few added beads.  Well, we all know what I think of beads on cross stitch :::swoon:::

2.  "Sherman C. Hawk" ----- the pattern is from Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue.  It was meant to be a snowman surrounded by hearts and made into a pillow.  Okay ---- toss those hearts. I'm not a hearts and flowers kinda girl.  I'm a football lovin' kind of girl.  I just got to the heart of the pattern ---- SNOWMAN!  And, even though my team didn't make it to the Super Bowl doesn't mean I'm bitter about football (well, not VERY bitter).  It just so happens that I  have a very special friend that lives near Seattle. I'll root for her Seahawks.  Well.....I mean SHERMAN will.  Like Linus and his great pumpkin, I must keep the faith that some day my Eagles will show up to play on Superbowl Sunday.

And last, but not least ...

3. "Seymore Parks" ---- There is a new series from SamSarah called 10 x The Fun.  This booklet has snowmen.  All KINDS of snowmen.  Seymore is wearing his red, white and blue.  He wants everyone to take the time to experience the U.S.A. through the National Park System.  He's a very smart snowman.

There you have it.
The start of Christmas 2015.
It's easy as 1-2-3.

Thursday, January 1, 2015