Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Foto(s)

No cheese?  No thanks.

Not-so-picky guy.  He doesn't mind no cheese!

Hey!  Why you gots TWO breads?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

I Have No Basket

Amy at Love Made My Home flashed her work basket in her latest blog posting.  She had so many cute little items and doodads.

Me?  I have no basket.
I have a plexi-thing.

Plexi-thing was originally bought to corral all those things ladies keep in the loo.

Eh ....didn't work so well for that.

But, for THIS....
...this it does well.

Tidy, neat and organized.
Just the way I like things.

Soooooo . . . let's take a little tour. 

Front row

Bin # 1 has the little folded piece of paper in it.  That's the yarn wrapper from the brownish socks.  Nothing in Bin #2 right now.  Bin #3 is all my cross stitch needles and threaders in one of those Pampered Chef give-aways that was meant to hold postage stamps.

Middle Row

One of the things about getting older is .....plenty of empty pill bottles to put STUFF in.  Bottle 1 is my nail file.  As Amy said ....gotta keep things snaggy-free.  Bottle 2 --- well, there isn't anything IN bottle 2 right now.  But it would be good for stitch markers or something like that. Bottle 3 --- scissors.  Four pair --- each one a good pair and I rotate them to keep them all from feeling lonely.  Bottle 4 --- clear glass one to hold my orts.  

Back Row

Bin #1 has fresh, new DMC tags.  (I'm in the process of reorganizing my DMC stash so that they are ALL on the same kind of tags.  Tidy, tidy, tidy!)  Oh yeah ....there is a ruler stuck there too --- just because.  Bin #2 is my needle sizers/rulers.  (See ---- if I were REALLY OCD the yellow ruler would be THERE!)  Bin #3 -- knit counters and an empty case that usually has my sock needle holders in it.

In the spirit of full disclosure ---- there is usually more stuff in the bins, but I had cleaned up yesterday and put a lot of the bits and bobs in my big sewing box.

The rest of the table is pretty self explanatory
and it varies depending what I'm working on,
but the remote is there and very often a big
glass of ice water.

Remote, stitching, drink .......

It's all I need.

Feet up ......let the stitching commence.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday's Socks

There's nothing better on a hot spring day
than sitting in an air conditioned coffee shop 
and knit away on a sock....
 ...watching the Flagler Avenue Bridge go up and down....
 .....and firetrucks go this way .....
......and that.