Friday, May 22, 2015

The Other Side of the Story

a.k.a. What I did on my summer vacation.

I was on vacation last week too. Fortunately, I enjoyed myself a bit more than Creepy Cranky-Guy.  I had a right fine time.

Steve and I started out by having lunch at one of our favorite places.
There's nothin' better than the "sticky biscuit" at Maple Street Biscuit Co.
"HEY!  That's not BIRD on that sandwich, is it?"
Then while we were still in Jacksonville, we made a stop at A Stitch In Time for a little stash enhancement.

Don't be jealous Flo, but there's a NEW flamingo in town.

A skein of Rowan Fine Art sock yarn, a Jim Shore Santa cross stitch kit, a large flamingo needle minder, and a new dishcloth pattern from Fiber Trends made their way into my shopping basket.  (The Halloween stitching actually came from Dovecote Gardens, but I included it here anyway.)

Then it was off to the ferry to take us to our island get-away.
Some of us relaxed during the wait.
(Unlike some cranky people.)
Enjoying the sunny, blue skies.

Hanging out on board the ferry.

The highlight of our all-too-brief vacation was the day we tried something new.
We went kayaking* along Egan's Creek in Fernandina Beach.
Fernandina is one of our favorite places to visit and
seeing it from this new perspective was AMAZING.
Watching the egret *shop* for lunch.

(hear that in a spooky-creepy voice)

Steve and the giant dock shrimp.
Jousting?  Probably NOT a good idea.
Doesn't mean we didn't consider it for a bit.
Look out weeds --- here I come!
(with the lighthouse in the background)

After a couple of hours paddling, we spent plenty of time relaxing at the local coffee shop and, of course, KNITTING!

The Great Sock Race of 2015 is coming along just fine.
But, THAT'S another story for another day.

*A great big thanks to Aaron from Amelia Island Kayak Excursions for the fabulous day on the water.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What I* Did On My Summer Vacation

 *This post brought to you by Creepy Cranky-Guy.

Do you know what my family made me do???
They made me go on vacation.

They said they were taking me back to my roots at Dovecote Gardens.

While I'm not much for vacations, it was nice thinking that I could visit with my old family, Miss Carol and  Fang-the-cat in the garden.

But, first . . . we had to GET there.

The old geezer INSISTED we ride with the top down.
We had to wait on the ferry boat.
It was sunny and hot.
Where's that d**n ferry!
It's HOT!
 So, as if waiting in the heat wasn't bad enough, once we drove on the ferry boat, there was this cheerful guy collecting the fare.  Then.............he slapped a sticker on me.
It's enough to make a guy cranky.

Once we were on the other side of the river it wasn't so bad.  I was riding solo (get it? SOLO! Oh, Lawsy, I crack myself up sometimes) in the front seat and enjoying the breeze.

I've got my seatbelt latched.  SAFETY FIRST!

I have to admit, I did enjoy checking out the firetrucks at Nassau County's Station 20.  Here I am hanging out by the sireeeen and just waiting for some action.
 They even let me sit in the driver's seat of the engine.
You'd be cranky too, if you couldn't reach the pedals
(or the steering wheel)

Next thing I knew we were rounding the corner onto Ash Street and I was HOME!

Sadly, most of my friends were gone from the garden.  The only one left was this little bird.  I guess I'm happy they found forever homes, but sheesh .....they could have said something about that before I drove all the way up here.

I tried to drown my sorrows in a latte,
but the old lady said that caffeine would just make me crankier.

I tried telling David Yulee about it, but you know what?
He didn't much care.
Never said a word.

So, now we are back home.
I'll admit some of the trip was fun.

But, there's nothing like sleeping in your OWN bed.
Home, Sweet, Yarn Bowl.