Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lace Up Your Dancing Shoes, Gertrude!

It's time to celebrate!
October, November, December - my three favorite months.

There's vacation to the beach.
Then another vacation to an NFL game.
Then it's my birthday!
Then the Temple/UCF football game.
My lucky U.C.F. socks
After that comes Halloween, the second best holiday of the year.
Then Thanksgiving . . . the BEST holiday.
(Seriously, who doesn't love a holiday dedicated to food,
and, oh yeah, thankfulness . . . )

And, it all culminates with Christmas.

I finished my U.C.F. socks last night.  Hopefully it will urge on the Knights to a win.  If not least I'll have really WARM feet.  These are one heavy pair of socks.


Pattern:  Vanilla Latte  (pattern is a freebie on Ravelry)

Yarn:  Blue Ridge Yarns Kaleidoscope Sock Yarn

Colorway:  UCF

The next socks up are for the knit-along over at Angela's Seasonal Sock Syndrome KAL.  I'm starting over with Little Pumpkins again, but with a different yarn.  Zauberball was a little bit too "slubby".  

Over the weekend I reorganized my sock yarn stash.  I found several autumnal color skeins and found one I think will be just perfect.

Pattern:  Little Pumpkins (another free pattern on Ravelry)

Yarn:  Shenanigan's Silk and Silver

Colorway:  Dr. Alphonse Mephesto   (Sorry, no link for the yarn.  The ladies that ran the company are no longer in business, as far as I can tell.)

So, put on your party shoes!
It's time to CELEBRATE!